Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Shoes

Although walking is likely a long way off for Grant, the mornings are getting chilly here and he was in need of something to keep his little piggies warm. Socks are too slippery to army crawl in on the hard wood floor. I think these moccasins are so cute on him.


Brittny said...

I'm totally with you!! I have a crush on moccasins! Where did you get those? Quinn has some and she wears them almost every day. I think I'll have to get some for Jude too:) i love reading your posts! You have the cutest house and sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. I'm so happy for your cute family!!

Brittny said...

Oh and grant is your twin!!! He is adorable!!!

Bridget said...

Brittny, they're Robeez brand and I bought them from Nordstrom. They're nice and soft and cushy with the fleece inside :) I don't think Grant even notices them when they're on. He's 9 months, and I got him the 6-12 months size which fits great with a little room to grow.
I love keeping up with you on your blog! Quinn is getting so grown up and Jude is such a handsome little man! I hope things are going well!