Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last Year:
The Candy Corn Witch and her little black cat.

This Year:
The peacock costume from Paige's first halloween was the perfect size for Grant, and so we decided to just go with a bird theme this year. I think my 3 little birdies are pretty dang cute.

I purchased the girls' costumes because I was feeling unenthusiastic about making them myself.  Daily life with 3 kids is so busy that most evenings (the only time I'd have to work on costumes) I find that I just want to sit and stare at a screen.  I did however carve all 3 of those pumpkins by myself (with two very interested supervisors) on Monday night.

Our neighbors put together a little block party out in the street before we all took our kids out to collect massive amounts of candy. It was pretty cold out but the food was yummy.

A few action shots of trick-or-treating
And here are a couple from the ward Halloween party last Friday night.  

Man, Claire just cracks me up!


honey said...

This flock is adorable! (and funny)

Amber said...

I haven't read blogs since October! I'm just catching up and these pictures are so cute. I love Claire in the last one. She might take off... Ha