Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shack Living

Here are a few pictures of Ben's living arrangements on his deployment. He basically lives in a large plywood shack with 5 other guys, and the shack is divided up into 6 "rooms". Each room is different - whatever you end up with is whatever the last guy left behind. They have A/C but no heat. His climate is similar to Utah County, maybe a little hotter in the summer. He has relaxed grooming standards, meaning he can grow his hair, a beard, and wear civilian clothes. These pictures were taken about a month ago.
Ben's beard. His comrades have nicknamed him 'Wolverine' or 'Logan' because of the way his beard grows in. Maybe he wouldn't want me to tell you that?
Ben's bed. Looks comfy?
Ben's closet.
Ben's desk and storage space.


The McDonoughs said...

Ahhh, the wonderful accommodations of the army.

Chelsea said...

we have those same bedside tables! what a small world

heidizinha said...

i'd take it as a compliment, because wolverine/logan is pretty hot with those knives and that attitude.