Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Paige's Daddy

I don't even know where to begin. I could go with my idea to write from Paige's point of view, but I have no idea how to do that without it turning out make-you-want-to-barf cheesy or just really really sad. So I'll just say it straight, like I always do. We miss you, Ben. Especially on Father's Day. The fact that Paige misses her daddy is obvious by the way she is glued to the computer screen whenever I play clips of you reading stories, and it's especially obvious by the way she squeals with delight for the entire minute and thirty second clip of the two of you playing "dada get you". Don't worry, I make sure to spend at least a few minutes a day rough-housing with her so she'll be ready for you when you come home. I assure you, she enjoys it. In fact, I laid down on the floor today while she was playing with her farm animals and SHE attacked ME out of no where, laughing the whole time. Although no one can substitute for you as her father, I think we've done a sastisfactory job on the critical points so far. I've compiled the following short list to show that in your absence we are not "ruining" her by making her too girly: 1) She's learned how to kick a soccer ball recently. She's actually a very good dribbler; her knees hit the ball as she walks, pushing it along in front of her. 2) She still rips hair bows off of her head whenever it occurs to her that one is there. 3) She can fake burp (thank you Papa). 4) She loves dogs - even big ones. And 5) she is not afraid to get dirty, likes to eat rocks, and she can hold her own with 'big' kids (Maggie and Andrew who are 18 months and 21 months). However, she is still the cuddly little girl you love that showers open mouth kisses and gives hugs like there's no tomorrow. And she looks pretty in dresses and pigtails and she likes to dance and sing. (That last bit was more for me - to reassure myself that my daughter is not a tomboy).
My Father's Day gift to you (besides the package that I already sent, and the fact that I haven't turned your daughter into a frufru girl) is that I try very hard to help her remember you, and Paige's Father's Day gift to you is that she still does.

Thank you for being a wonderful father to our daughter, and making us proud every day. We love you and Happy Father's Day!


Tiff said...

so sweet.

Happy Father's Day, Ben; way out there.

johnEboy said...

Ben I hate to tell you but Bridget didn't break the bad news. Paige now thinks the Lakers and Ducks are better than the Pistons and Red Wings.

Benjamin said...

Thank you John. Appropriate countermeasure will be employed to reverse this heinous brainwashing.

heidizinha said...

i don't even know what to say. we miss ben for you paige.