Saturday, March 13, 2010

19 Weeks

Here's how Claire measured up at her 4 month checkup a week and a half ago:

Length: 25" (75th%ile)
Weight: 13 lbs 12 oz (50th%ile)
Head Circ: 42 cm (75th%ile)

I can't believe she's gained over 3 lbs in the last 2 months. I found a copy of Paige's old medical records and at 4 months she was also 25" but only weighed 12 lbs 8 oz. It was after this that Paige's growth really started to slow down.

Anyway, I'm always surprised when two kids from the same family are so different.

Here's a picture of Paige at 6 1/2 months
wearing the same outfit that Claire wore today at 4 1/2 months.
And I think Claire fills it out better.


Anne said...

They are SO different. It's fun to see them be their own little people.

hilary w said...

Wow...that is amazing how different your two little girls are! It will be interesting to see if they start to look more alike as they get older or if they'll always have their own little look. Either way, they are both so cute!!

Miki said...

Darling girls! Lucky that you have a little more selection from the gene pool than my girls do. Fun to see their own looks. Will you email me? I got a new computer and wasn't able to get all my email addresses of the old one before it crashed. I'm wondering if you want to sub a class for me at Ameritech...if not, that's fine, just thought I'd ask.