Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ready for Spring

The crazy weather in our state has given us lots of teasers of spring lately, only to throw us right back into winter. Monday and Tuesday of this week were about 70 degrees. This morning? - it snowed.

I'm SO ready to decrowd the closets, put the winter clothes away for good, and leave room for only the cute spring and summer outfits. Even though the first day of spring officially arrived on Saturday, March 20th, it obviously isn't quite warm enough yet to consistently dress like it. But I couldn't help myself last Sunday with Easter just around the corner and so I dressed the girls for church in these adorable smocked dresses, snapped a picture to send to Honey and Papa to show them just how much Paige loves her birthday present, then wrapped a blanket around Claire, put a sweater on Paige, and off we went.


heidizinha said...

I'm putting the clothes away despite the snow. I'm done. Take that winter!

honey said...

more and more adorable grandchildren, aren't i lucky!

Marci and Morgan said...

What an awesome picture of cute little claire grinning!!