Monday, March 8, 2010

Paige's Princess Party

We had Paige's 3rd birthday party last Saturday. We rescheduled twice to try and accommodate Ben's work schedule and eventually just had to go ahead and have it without him. Since the party was at 11am I prepared everything the night before, after the girls went to bed. The first thing out of Paige's mouth the next morning when she saw the living room and kitchen was, "This looks GREAT! Mom, you planned the PERFECT party for me!" It's so nice that she's appreciative.

It was ALL princess. The girls came dressed as princesses, we had princess music, princess hair glitter, princess coloring, princess bingo, princess gift wrap, princess bracelet making, princess place settings, princess balloons, princess punch, princess cake, princess pinata, and princess goodie bags. You might say that I went princess crazy and as a result I now have princess burnout :) I actually had at least 6 other princess themed ideas for the party that I didn't use (princess: tea party, cake walk, make-up station, story-time with a "real" live princess, inflatable castle, . . .). I had to stop somewhere; after all, the party was for a 3 year old.

Here are some pictures:

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Jean said...

Oh my goodness, what a great party. It is bursting with girly joy. (I'm going to be in trouble if I ever have a girl, because I do not know how to channel this much princessy energy.) :-) Great job, Bridget!!