Saturday, March 27, 2010

"But, Mom, I'm 3 now!"

I'm missing the days when Paige was two, unquestioning and immediately obedient. I used to be able to say that she was such a reasonable toddler. Now that she's three she is much more capable of reasoning and she has a rebuttal almost everytime I ask her to stop doing something.

For example:

Me: Paige, please stop jumping on the couch.
P: But, I'm not wearing my shoes!

Me: Paige, don't play with the big clock.
P: But, Mom, my hands are not dirty!

Me (while walking through a store): Paige, I need you to hold my hand. Don't let go.
P: Why? We're not in the parking lot!

Me: Paige, stop doing that to your sister.
P: But she's not crying!

Me: Paige, I want you to wait for me to help you wipe your bum.
P: But, Moooooomm, I'm 3 now!

Yeah, I noticed.


Owner of the Band said...

I know!!! What is it with three? I hear all those excuses all the time now. But mostly I hear "Why, Mom?" or "Urgh, I don't care." Are you kidding me?

Chelsea said...

3 year olds rock. Andrew has this same problem. He says things like, "no, you do it!" and my personal favorite, "no you shut up!"

heidizinha said...

Yeah, when do we finally let them wipe their own bum?

Anne said...

We're almost to 5 years old, and it hasn't stopped. I'm thinking it never will.

Miki said...

Hilarious! Amen and amen!