Monday, February 7, 2011

Claire's New Best Friend

Claire has suddenly and inexplicably become attached to her little Baby Orajel toothbrush. She asks for it frequently by sticking her finger on her upper teeth and gums and "brushing" vigorously. She is so happy when I give it to her, and carries it around like a little trophy attached to her pointer finger. It was the first thing she "asked for" this morning.
Silly girl.

I may have let her take it to Costco on Saturday.
Don't judge.


heidizinha said...

penny too!!!!!

my mom was telling me that one of her kids was addicted to the toothbrush too, so she used to take it to church to keep him or her happy. i guess when you have 8 kids you do what you have to do!

i definitely won't judge.

Jean said...

Hahaha! That is so funny!! When Weston was little, he always got attached to the weirdest things - a single Lego block, a tissue box, etc. I love the toothbrush love!!