Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My mom sent a valentine's kit to Paige so that she could make handmade valentines for her preschool classmates. Paige was so excited! And I was so excited because Honey had done the hard part (cutting out oodles of stuff on her Cricut); all we had to do was glue the things together.
This is what Paige and I did while Claire napped Sunday morning when we had to stay home from church - both the girls were getting over colds and Ben was off at drill.

Then last night for our FHE activity, Ben helped Paige write her name on the backs while I tied each heart person to a little sucker.
Thanks Honey!


Kendra said...

Super cute! And I love Paige's backwards letters. :)

noelle said...


Bridget said...

I didn't steal them! They're mine!

We saved some for you. You can get them tomorrow after ballet :)