Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In my last post I mentioned that when it comes to prayer time, Claire is much more reverent than Paige.

Here's a little story (that is now very popular with my family) to illustrate the point:

Several weeks ago in Sacrament Meeting Paige was having a particularly hard time sitting still. When it came time for the Sacrament, we reminded Paige a couple of times to sit still and to fold her arms for the prayer. Half-way through the prayer she was up on her knees, turned around on the pew, trying to get the attention of the people behind us. Again, I told her to sit on her bum and be reverent for the prayer. . .

She promptly spun around, sat on her bum, crossed her legs Indian style, pinched her thumbs and forefingers together, extended her arms, closed her eyes, lifted her chin, and said, "oooommmmmmmmmmm."

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Kendra said...

Ha ha! What a little sass!