Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ice Castles

My oldest friend (a lovely term she used to describe me once; not as in age, as in length of friendship) and I took our 4 girls up to Midway on Friday to see the ice castles in town square.

It was really cool! And my pictures don't do it justice because I still shoot in auto (I'll learn someday) but here are some of them.

Paige and Mae

Me and my girls

I love the light showing through from behind in this one.

These castles were huge and really impressive especially when you know that they're made of ice and only ice. They grow the icicles and build the castles; it changes every day based on the weather and how fast they can grow and add more. A couple of the guys were up on top working on them while we were there. So cool.


Kendra said...

Those are awesome! Very, very cool. Kind of like the ice shapes Miles an I toon our engagement photos in front of, only better. :)

Janelle said...

That looks really fun. We may have to check that out. I love your dark hair, by the way. And I wanted to tell you that we used your roasted vegetable recipe last week and it was so good! I even ate the leftovers for lunch the next day. Also I can't believe that Paige weighs 26 lbs! Will weighed 27 lbs on his first birthday.

alison said...

I want to witness these kinds of ice castles. They looked so beautiful.