Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Quilt for Grant

I finally finished the binding on Grant's quilt! Actually, I should say that I finally started it. Once I began, I finished it relatively quickly, but it did take me all of General Conference. I made the pillows to match his bedding a while ago; they normally reside on the chair by the window. I'm just so glad that it's all done, and I don't think I'll be making a crib skirt. I'm also happy that I learned a new skill, I can appliqué and bind. Two weekends ago at sisters weekend I learned how to piece. I'm not sure how much quilting I will be doing in the future but at least it doesn't seem so daunting now. It does take a long time! People, if anybody ever gives you a quilt, appreciate it! And know that they either love you a lot or they love quilting a lot. Thanks, Beth, for all your help!

(by the way, this is my first post using blogger on my new iPhone. I took the pictures with my phone too. This is so much fun!)

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