Monday, April 9, 2012

Moving on

Have I mentioned that we are moving? In 3 1/2 weeks. . . to Kentucky! The last three years of uncertainty while Ben finishes graduate school are coming to an end. He graduates in less than two weeks and we'll move two weeks later. We won't actually make it to Kentucky until August, after Ben spends the summer in South Carolina at Chaplin basic officer leadership course and the kids and I live it up at Honey and Papa's in St. George. We are sad to be saying goodbye to our first home but excited to move on with our life in the military. Let us know if you're interested in renting a four bedroom, two bath house in South Orem, close to everything. It'll be available mid May.

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emily said...

It is always hard to move. At least you get to go live in St. George for a little while! Just like the good old days... at least I think they were good:) Enjoy watching the military pack up all your stuff, it really is a nice perk. Are you guys going to river the first week of June? I just realized you'll probably be living at your mom's when we're going. Hopefully we'll see you then!