Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

Like many families on Christmas Eve we have a reading (by Grandma) from the bible of Jesus' birth and this year was no exception. However we were a little lame this year as far as participation and costumes go. Claire was not too thrilled about being baby Jesus. Paige was ecstatic to be a cow in the manger (really she was), and Ben was happy to be one of only two wise men.

After the nativity, Honey read aloud 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and we all recited the poem right along with her.

Then the kids got to open their first gift (pajamas, always pajamas), everyone changed, and we sang Christmas carols.

I LOVE these traditions we've done since I was tiny.

Somewhere there's a picture of me, my siblings and cousins in our
pajamas on these same stairs from every Christmas we were growing up.

The only cousins not pictured are William - he was already in bed,
and Allie - she had to be responsible and go back home for work.

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