Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning

Claire tries out her new Rody, the first thing she saw.
This picture sums up Paige's reaction to pretty much every present she opened.

This picture is to show Sparkles, Paige's pink and purple unicorn pillow-pet.
It's her favorite gift. Also, it's the only picture I'm in.

Daddy helping Claire open one of her gifts.
I recall she was saying, "Ooooooooooooo."

Claire and Juliette enjoying the Rodys

Cute babies!
It was a very merry Christmas morning followed by a delicious brunch of (among other things) oranges off of Grandma's tree, avocado on sourdough toast, and the most delicious orange rolls you can imagine. And brunch was followed by a lot of lounging about reading, talking, and playing with our new toys. A great end to a great year.

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HeidiB said...

Ah! I haven't seen you with your new hair yet. Cute brunette. You could pull any look off and still look great :)
So does Claire still like her Rody several weeks after christmas? They look fun. I never know what my kids will disregard shortly after they get it!