Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had Christmas with my grandparents in California this year along with my parents, every single one of my siblings, the spouses, and all of our kids. It was so fun!

The Wednesday before Christmas Honey & Papa (my parents) treated us all to Disneyland. I think there were 28 of us, and it was super crowded since it was the first day of sunshine after almost a week of rain in southern California, but

We had a blast!

I don't have too many pictures, but here are the best of what I took. I remember to take my camera everywhere, I just forget to use it.

Paige, Anna, & Maggie - the 3-4 yr old girls - in their matching outfits.

Paige coming through the turnstile, upright this time.

Our little family out front. Can you believe we didn't try to get a picture of all 28 of us?

We were able to ride almost every ride we wanted to without having to wait long at all thanks to some very serious planning. And Paige rode the Matterhorn! She said she liked it and that it wasn't scary, but when I asked if she wanted to ride again with Dad (we were using the rider switch passes) she said, "No, it was a little bit scary."
Here's a video of us waiting in line for the Matterhorn.

We also had great curbside seats to watch the Christmas Parade. I really liked the toy soldiers, the kids were enthralled with all of it (including Santa at the end) and we all agreed that it was well worth the wait!previous picture downloaded from the internet here

Honey & Papa let each of the grandkids pick one souvenir. Paige choose a Rapunzel doll (we saw the movie just the day before) and ohmygosh, the hair is INSANE. You know how awesome barbie doll hair looks after not too long? Imagine 17" of it. Tangled is accurate, but maybe not a strong enough word.
And I chose this on Claire's behalf. I love Silhouettes.

On our way out of the park we stopped to take a few final pictures in front of Disneyland's tree:

Maggie and Paige with Honey & Papa

We had been there longer than 10 hours and still had huge smiles on our faces!

Thank you Honey & Papa!

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Jean said...

Yay for Disneyland!! We sure miss that place!!