Saturday, December 18, 2010

They're Home!

My parents came home from their mission to South Carolina at the beginning of December. We all congregated in St. George to welcome them back, hear their homecoming talks, and decorate gingerbread houses. It was so good to be together again!

Honey with Paige and Miller. Miller was born while Honey & Papa were away.
Helping P with her house.
Paige with her gingerbread house. She sat and decorated that house for a long time - as long as any of the adults. And she was very proud of it.
Me and Claire with mine. Claire is eating a slice of cheese. She wasn't feeling well that weekend and since Ben didn't come with me
(he had to stay home for drill and finals) I had to hold her the entire time.
My sister Noelle and I carpooled down there and back with our kids. We stopped somewhere at a McDonald's on the way home where they have the tiniest little kids cones. Paige didn't want hers and Claire was happy to take it off her hands. Here's a video of Claire eating her first ice cream cone and cousin Miller is next to her eating his very first french fry.


noelle said...

my favorite part of that video is actually paige at the end yelling, "anna is eating all the french fries!"

Bridget said...

Noelle, that's my favorite part too :)

Jean said...

Hooray for your parents coming home!!! That's awesome!

honey said...

Finally! I have the cutest grandkids and most beautiful daughters on the planet, nobody else comes close!