Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy 34th!

To celebrate Ben's birthday we had a yummy breakfast at home this morning after he opened his gift. Paige kept telling me he needed more - one gift is not enough, and where we're all his balloons? She must have told him "happy birthday" at least twenty times today, followed quickly by "I love you" and a hug. She was also so excited to surprise him with a cake-plate full of cupcakes when he got home from class. This evening we left the girls at home with a sitter and went out to dinner by ourselves. That feels like such a luxury these days, and so much fun to spend some time together - just the two of us.
Happy Birthday, Ben!


Jean said...

Yeah!! Happy birthday to Ben!!

Kurt and Jordan said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!! I'm sure he got spoiled from you, your the best wife!!!!